Software & Support

3ARC can provide a bespoke purchase or lease rental plan to cover all aspects of a tracking system such as hardware, mapping/tracking software and support services. Our specialist 24/365 Monitoring Service can track to within 10 metres and respond with an agreed procedure.

Basic Support: 

  • 24/365 GPS location monitoring
  • 24/365 secure web browser access
  • 24/365 Alarm Plan management
  • Consultation on major alarm procedures and Alarm Plan management

Standard operation

Most of our trackers can be woken from their power-saving mode by an internal motion sensor or by external signals (where configured with wired or wireless triggers). The tracker will also trigger an alert when it travels beyond a pre-set boundary, which can be self-defined or entered by a user or system manager. Each tracker can have multiple boundaries set up as “inclusion” or “exclusion” zones.

When a tracker is activated, it logs an initial GPS satellite fix and sends this data by GPRS over the GSM cellular ‘phone network to our 3ARC tracking system. Fixes will then be updated at optimised intervals to provide a graphical map trace and logged history of the device location, on the 3ARC web servers (with secure back-up). Individual fix intervals and incident procedures can be managed via a standard web browser.

Optimal reporting

The tracker will display its locations on 3ARC maps that can also be superimposed on satellite photos …so you can zoom to street level and track in “real time” for the best chance of locating a person or other asset. At extra cost, 3ARC Angels can provide 24-hour personal support options such as alerting emergency services.

Comprehensive reports can be produced (and exported to Excel) to monitor: Journey lengths, speed, idle times, delivery times, street details, postcodes, congestion zones (payment alerts), compliance with UK vehicle tax laws and mileage records, compliance with Duty of Care for staff Health & Safety and working time directives.

3ARC can also create bespoke modifications to the hardware, software and support services to match any special needs you may have.

Monthly Support Fee (per tracker)

Basic Support Service fee (billed in advance): £9.99 pm


  • 3ARC mapping suite licence
  • Map Tracker software licence
  • Secure web mapping interface

3ARC will include a SIM card (for which additional data charges may apply):

SIM cards:Orange (or Vodafone) GPS tracking including 3 MB allowance
GPRS in excess of allowance, £2.00 per MB
SMS Text messages 10p (or 12p) each
O2 GPRS roaming, charged per KB @ £4.00 per MB
SMS Text messages 30p each 

All prices exclude VAT

3ARC Angel Support

The key to 3ARC Angel is response: All user details appear on computer screens in the support centre as soon as the telephone call begins. In a moment of stress or illness, the user does not have to repeat any details or remember names and numbers. Our trained support specialists will be able to see the wearer’s current location, record the voice call and immediately summon appropriate assistance. By reacting straight away, our Angels can save minutes that may prove vital.

The 3ARC Angel service includes:

  • Support Centre Monitoring (24×365)
  • Secure web password for user details
  • Incident Activation
  • 12 False Activations per year included in the contract (1 per calendar month)
  • 1 Emergency Panic Activation included in the contract.

As well as being a premium service that can be added to our personal GPS trackers, 3ARC Angel support can also be set up for ordinary mobile and landline telephones: Simply press speed dial “3”.

This will open a call to an Angel who will assess the situation and provide assistance; co-ordinating with emergency services, or other people on the caller’s list of contacts (e.g. notifying next-of-kin).

Each user is provided with a secure password to our web server, to update their unique profile using a standard browser; this could include photo (or video clip), full name and address, age, height, weight and relevant occupational details. The profile can also include important medical history such as allergies, physical disabilities, current medication, recovery from a stroke or heart attack etc.

3ARC Angel support fee, on a non-GPS mobile or landline (billed in advance): P.O.A

3ARC Angel support fee, integrated with full GPS tracking (billed in advance): P.O.A

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